03/15/2019 eVignette in Bulgaria

An electronic vignette is mandatory for all motor vehicles travelling on Bulgarian toll roads. Virtually all nationally important roads are subject to...

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02/15/2018 ROUTEX Participants offer DarsGo in Slovenia

New Toll System in Slovenia – link your vehicle’s account to your “ROUTEX” Card and collect your new DarsGo Unit at 19 OMV filling stations in...

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01/19/2018 ROUTEX grows its Eastern European Network

ROUTEX fuel cards are now accepted at 191 fuel stations in the European part of Russia.

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11/18/2016 Save valuable time and money in Croatia

VAT reimbursement for Croatia has become a lot more convenient since Nov. 1st, 2016.

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06/28/2016 Network changes in Slovenia

Following the sale of the eni network in Slovenia acceptance at Slovenian eni sites will end on June, 30th, 2016.

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